OSS-Järjestöpalvelut Ltd (OSS Services for Organisations) is a company jointly owned by the national independent unions for higher education students in Finland, The Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL), The Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences - SAMOK, and The National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL). OSS is the owner of office premises in the centre of Helsinki. The offices of OLL, SAMOK, SYL, and the Research Foundation for Studies and Education Otus are located on OSS’ premises. OSS produces services for these organisations. Services include translation, property management, financial and administrative services as well as ICT.

The staff of OSS include

Office Secretary Pauliina Voutilainen, +358 44 7800 207 
Translator Petra Nysten
Translator Maarit Ruhanen, +358 40 7088 900
Finance Coordinator Malla Salmitie, +358 44 7800 204
CEO Aino Pekkarinen, +358 44 7800 202

Contact us by email at firstname.surname@oss-jarjestopalvelut.fi.